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Innovation Awards at InPrint 2017

The third edition of InPrint in Germany, the Exhibition for Industrial Print Technology, will take place from 14 – 16 November 2017 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. Around 130 leading companies from 17 countries will present innovative applications and equipment for functional and decorative printing on metal, plastics, textile, glass, ceramics, wood and other surfaces.

As an important platform for the industrial print sector, InPrint 2017 introduces the Innovation Awards which are exclusively available for exhibitors. With the new concept of the Innovation Awards, InPrint 2017 will acknowledge the progression within the industry and will award innovative and forward thinking entrepreneurship in five main categories.

The winners in the five award categories will be selected by the InPrint community via an online voting system which will be available on the main website from September 2017.

More detailed information about the award and about the participation will be sent to all InPrint 2017 exhibitors shortly.

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Up-to-date Conference Programme is now online

InPrint 2017 will be accompanied by a high-quality conference programme. The programme focuses on the three key areas Function, Décor as well as Packaging. Keynote speakers will give insights into the latest technologies and applications of industrial print.

Taking place directly on the show floor, the InPrint Conference offers additional opportunities for exchange and networking between exhibitors and visitors. Access to the 3-day conference is included in the entry tickets.

A provisional conference programme is now available on the InPrint website and will be subject to change and updates.

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Latest InPrint Blog: Local Brand - Global Success

The latest InPrint blog by Marvin Foreman, Tonejet’s Worldwide Sales Manager, explores how digital printing for packaging can add a competitive edge for local brands.

"In a highly commoditised market, packaging is often the one thing that makes a product unique, allowing customers to identify with your brand above the many others on the shelf. Global brands know all too well that the more unique the packaging, the more chance of a product standing out.

Global brands have long enjoyed all the benefits of mass production such as cheaper unit costs, bulk distribution and the ability to dominate shelf space through sheer volume, all of which are typically out of reach for smaller local businesses. However, thanks to changing consumer habits and innovations in digital print technology, small to medium businesses now have an increased focus on both branding and customer communications, and greater ability to make it work for them."

The full article can be read here:

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Meet the InPrint 2017 Ambassadors

The InPrint 2017 Ambassadors are representatives from a range of key organisations in the field of industrial printing. As leading manufacturers, suppliers and organisations, the InPrint Ambassadors are taking an active role as thought leaders for their industry.

They are spokespersons who personally champion InPrint as the dedicated business platform for the industrial print community, encouraging suppliers and buyers to come together to cooperate, network and exchange knowledge.

The profiles of the InPrint Ambassadors are available on the show website:

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News for Exhibitors

Book remaining stand spaces now!

InPrint is the leading exhibition for innovative print technology for industrial manufacturing. It is attended by specialists from the manufacturing sector and attracts decision makers who are looking to find customised, cooperatively designed system solutions in order to generate new possibilities and revenue in industrial production.

A limited number of stand spaces at InPrint 2017 is still available. Companies interested in exhibiting at the show are advised to contact the InPrint team as soon as possible to secure a stand. Visit the exhibition website for further information on stand space options and services.

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Free Promotional Material now available!

Invite your existing and prospective customers to visit you at your exhibition stand at InPrint 2017! As a registered exhibitor, you may order printed Visitor Vouchers for free entry of your contacts without any additional cost for you. Print vouchers are in standard mailing format. From the end of August, you may also order digital voucher codes which you can send out to your customers via email.

Furthermore, a wide range of free printed and online promotional tools are available to order or for instant download to support email and other online campaigns.

Most of the tools can be customised with your company details to personalise your promotion. They can be downloaded with just a few clicks and can be sent to your clients or integrated into your daily client correspondence to make them aware of your presence at the show.

The available promotional material can be requested and downloaded via the Exhibitor Zone:

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Become a Speaker at the InPrint 2017 Conference!

A comprehensive, high-quality technical conference will run
alongside InPrint 2017, offering insights into the latest trends, innovations and developments within the industrial print sector.

You can participate in the conference and present your innovative case studies or forward-looking ideas. Do not miss out on this chance to put your latest developments in the spotlight and present it to leading industry experts! If you are interested in presenting at the InPrint 2017 Conference, please follow the link below and submit your application. Becoming a speaker is free of charge, all we need is the name of the presenter and a short abstract of the subject you would like to present.

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Press Services for Exhibitors

For InPrint 2017, we are offering various opportunities for exhibitors to make the press aware of their innovations, organisation and presence at the exhibition.

Exhibitors can reach the media by providing press information in press boxes at the InPrint Press Centre free of charge. The press centre is the first port of call for journalists at the show. Furthermore, we are offering our InPrint exhibitors online press boxes on the exhibition website. You can upload an unlimited number of press releases in up to two languages as well as your press contact details. The information will be available on the exhibitor list as well as in the press area. This service is part of all exhibitor marketing package options.

Selected press releases provided by exhibitors are put together by us as key topics and made available to journalists on-site. We also welcome press releases for our online newsletter; press releases about innovative products and services presented at the exhibition can be sent by email to

Further information about our press services is available in the Exhibitor Zone under “Press Services”.

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News for Visitors

Visitor Guide now available!

InPrint is relevant to visitors such as industrial print specialists, production
managers, heads of R&D, technical directors and designers from the manufacturing industry, from industrial print companies and from traditional print companies.

The recently published Visitor Guide comprises all relevant information about the show, such as the exhibition and visitor profile, the exhibitor list and key details as well as a preview of the show conference in a handy format.

You can order your free printed or digital copy of the Visitor Guide from the visitor's section on the InPrint 2017 show website ('Request Visitor Information').

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Deutsche Bahn Train Ticket Offer For InPrint 2017

Are you looking for a comfortable, convenient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to travel to InPrint 2017?

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, as a visitor of InPrint 2017, we can offer you Deutsche Bahn's exclusive best price offers. Follow the quick and simple procedure to book your journey on the show's website. You will be provided with an overview of all the rail services on your route so you can compare the fares.

Follow this link to buy your train tickets:

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News from the Industry

Lotus Holland presents Lumenator II

The demand for an inline exposure and development system for screen printing with a computer-to-screen system (CTS) has been answered by Lotus Holland. Lumenator II is a practical UV-LED exposure and development system for screen printing.

Lotus’ Lumenator II is used for the fast exposure and development of screen printing stencils made with CTS systems, such as Exile Spyder or M&R i-Image S. The LED light ensures a homogeneous and even distribution of the light, while exposure times are set and stored via a touch-screen display. As compared to using conventional methalhalide lamps, the use of LED lamps not only saves energy and hardly produces any heat, but the lifetime of the UV LED light source is extremely long. With up to six water nozzles, Lumenator II is ensuring an edge-sharp development. It is suitable for screens with a maximum size of 90cm x 70cm, and with its vertical construction, it requires less space.

Using Lumenator II has many benefits and cost savings. With your CTS system, you can create a digital image on the screen. Next, the operator controls automatic screen exposure and development with a digital touch screen on the lumenator. To expose and develop the screen, the operator places it on the conveyor of the lumenator, selects the appropriate exposure setting from the memory of the controller, and presses the start button.

The entire process, including transport of the screen, exposure and development, is done without any further operator involvement. The operator then saves the autonomous process in the lumenator and can directly take care of the preparation of the next template. The screen is exposed and developed within a maximum of 3-4 minutes. Regardless of the person who performs the task, Lumenator II accelerates stencil production and increases productivity. Depending on the copy layer used, up to 200 screens per 8-hour shift can be produced automatically. The exposure LEDs and the water supply are automatically switched off after completion of the exposure and development.

Source: Lotus Holland - Grafilox
Image: Lumenator II

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RUCO Druckfarben: Innovative LED Screen Printing Inks For Maximum Process Security

Eppstein/Germany-based printing ink specialist RUCO will be presenting its product range at InPrint 2017 in Munich. The focus this year will be on two universally curing screen printing ink series that are suitable for use both with LED technology and on machines with mercury- or iron-charged standard UV lamps.

The demand for LED-curing printing inks has been increasing continously for some time. This is not surprising as this modern technology offers a range of advantages over conventional UV curing. The time saving is likely to play an especially important role for printing press operators. In contrast to standard UV lamps, LEDs require only a few seconds before they are ready to use. Furthermore, subsequent processing of the printed material can be carried out immediately after printing. Another significant advantage is that LED lamps do not emit infrared radiation, which means that there is no distortion risk with heat-sensitive substrates such as plastics. Last, but not least, LED curing also offers environmentally relevant advantages: UV LED lamps require relatively little energy, and they produce no ozone emissions.

RUCO’s LED screen printing ink series 937LED and 955LED-LM allow users to enjoy all these advantages. Printers save valuable time and benefit from maximum process reliability – fully in line with RUCO’s own quality label “Secure in print processing”. And if there are both conventional UV-curing systems as well as machines using LED technology available at the print shop, they will also benefit from simpler procedures in stockpiling.

Whether cured under standard UV lamps or LED lamps, the two-component inks of series 937LED for the decoration of glass, ceramics and metal feature excellent adhesion and very good resistance to chemicals, water and abrasion. Outstanding results are also achieved in terms of dishwasher and frost resistance. Due to their high level of reactivity they allow for high production speeds.

It goes without saying that the new inks are also convincing from a visual point of view. In addition to 11 basic colour shades that feature high opacity and colour brilliance, RUCO offers transparent white, high-opacity white and black formulations, and a wide range of special-effect inks for metallic, glitter, matt and frost appearances. This opens up a broad spectrum of impressive design opportunities.

The innovative ink series 955LED-LM, designed for printing on plastic containers, in particular tubes made of polyethylene, combines three crucially important forward-looking properties: In addition to offering low-migration characteristics, the inks are free from silicone and represent a pure LED curing system. With this unprecedented combination, this product sets new standards in the field of screen printing inks.

Thanks to its low-migration formulation, 955LED-LM meets the stringent requirements of the “Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21”, “EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators” and the “Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks”. Thus, the series is especially suitable for printing onto the outer surface of plastic packaging for the food and cosmetics industries. The second benefit is that the inks are completely free from silicone, which makes them ideal to be combined with one another as well as with other ink systems and varnishes, while also allowing for embossing. During printing, the inks’ optimum flow properties become prevalent and the print results feature exceptionally high gloss. Due to being highly reactive, the inks allow for high printing speeds of 100 pcs/min and exhibit excellent adhesion and elasticity.

In addition to LED screen printing inks, RUCO will also be showcasing a wide range of pad printing inks at InPrint 2017 that meet extremely rigorous demands in terms of environmental compatibility and user friendliness, and offer excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. To be mentioned here first and foremost are ink series T35, T120 and T200, all of them free from cyclohexanone and aromatic solvents.

RUCO’s exhibition portfolio will be rounded off by proven series T25 inks for pad printing on PE and PP which are used in a wide range of industrial applications, and the universal T28 ink series, designed for the decoration and coating of glass, ceramics and metal.

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Xaar: New Customer Waveform Tool Saves Time For OEMs

A new Customer Waveform Tool (CWT) has been launched by Xaar to help its OEM customers deliver Xaar-enabled print systems which are highly tuned to each customer application. End users buying machines which have been developed using the CWT can expect to see a higher degree of print performance. Furthermore, the new CWT will provide more development flexibility and decrease time-to-market for OEMs developing new printers.

Waveforms are electrical drive signals which are applied to the channel walls inside a printhead to create a movement; this in turn produces the acoustic (pressure) waves used by most of Xaar’s printheads to eject the ink or fluid from the nozzles. The new Customer Waveform Tool enables Xaar’s customers to finely tune these electrical drive signals in-house to produce the best possible jetting characteristics. OEMs using this tool will see their product development shorten as they will have more control over time needed for this aspect of the product development cycle.

“This is an exciting development for Xaar and its OEM partners,” says Alan Mutch, Senior Product Manager at Xaar. “We are delighted to be able to respond to customer demand with the launch of the CWT. This tool helps our customers to leverage their own technical capabilities and address the needs of their own customers. It also helps them to bring their products to market more quickly. We are launching the CWT as part of our ongoing commitment to working more closely with, and delivering the very best service to, our global OEM customer base.”

The new CWT is available to Xaar’s OEMs and Ink Partners at two levels ‒ Authorised or Certified. Authorised practitioners can develop and test waveforms for internal use; Xaar will then approve them if external distribution is required. OEM and Ink Partners who meet certain technical criteria can become Certified practitioners, which means they are technically qualified to develop and distribute waveforms as well as delivering service level CWT support. Xaar will continue to work closely with its selected partners to ensure quality, consistency and maximum added-value to its customers and markets.

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GEW (EC) Limited: Etygraf installs pioneering LED UV flexo press

Etygraf in Spain have installed a new Bobst M4L flexo printing press fitted with an LED UV curing system by GEW to boost efficiency and curing performance. It is one of the first narrow-web presses fully equipped with LED UV curing in Europe.

In 2016 Etygraf installed the new flexo label printing system with 8 printing/coating stations complementing 3 existing Gidue flexo machines also fitted with GEW UV systems. The new machine is based on a 40cm-wide Bobst M4L printing press and able to print 8 colours or coats in a single pass. Production manager Salvador Mateu explains: “We mainly print and coat self-adhesive white and clear PP and paper labels with two-face versions at speeds of up to 120m/min. We particularly appreciate the possibility of switching between or running simultaneously with mercury arc and LED UV as not all inks and laminates are as yet available as LED versions.”

Etygraf eventually opted for a GEW UV system, comprising eight LW1 high power LED UV lampheads with hybrid RHINO power supplies. The decision in favour of the GEW UV system was due to Etygraf’s desire that larger investments only go into futureproof high performance technologies. The ability of combined LED and arc UV hybrid operation whenever required by the ink formulation was a key point in the purchasing decision.

The new equipment provides advanced capabilities for high added-value labels with special finishes generating high expectations as for consistency of output and productivity. José Carrasquer, in charge of purchasing and quality at Etygraf, explains: ”The LW1 is an LED UV curing solution that brings us consistent output and stable quality over time with the added benefits of instant on-off switching, long-term reliability and extended life cycles of the LED technology.”

José Carrasquer adds: “We use exclusively low migration inks and wanted to raise our quality standards for the complete production chain. For the UV curing component only GEW was able to offer us a package of efficiency, reliability and safe curing at high speeds.”

All new UV curing systems with RHINO power supply come as standard with GEW’s Embedded Service facility which continuously monitors the UV system over the internet, allowing the manufacturer’s service engineers to remotely analyse system performance data that enable them to proactively detect any out-of-tolerance parameters that may need maintenance and corrective action, well before a fault could develop. This type of remote preventative maintenance ensures the entire UV system operates at peak performance at all times, thus avoiding unplanned machine stoppages and wasted resources.

Moreover the new GEW UV system, based on the LW1 LED UV technology, adds the ability to print delicate, heat-sensitive materials and brings substantial savings in electricity consumption with the corresponding environmental credentials.

Image: LED UV Flexo Press
Source: GEW (EC) Limited

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