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InPrint 2015: A Comprehensive Exhibition and Conference Is Taking Shape

Whilst the English summer brought us a mixture of rain and sunshine and the rest of Europe headed for the beach, we made use of this time in a constructive manner: by facilitating everything for your business success at InPrint 2015...

Our Show Preview and Show Catalogue have just been produced. At the same time, the conference programme is constantly growing with new exciting presentations and seminars that are proving the variety of industrial print. Get ready for cutting-edge contributions from industry and science and productive discussions on the development and potential of diverse printing innovations in manufacture.

Talking about innovation, our "Great Innovations Session“ will again take place at this year's InPrint. Exhibitors are invited to apply and qualify for the session while visitors should note the date, Wednesday, 11 November, from 3.30 pm, to witness selected winner innovations and decide about the top rank themselves. All corresponding information as well as the full conference programme with over 60 events are now available online on the InPrint website. The website content is blooming all the same, with new information and advice being added continually, just like recently, the free promotional tools for exhibitors or the new advanced exhibitor profiles for visitors. Last but not least, exhibitors will find out about promising sponsoring possibilities below.

There is still a lot in the pipeline to offer you the best support before the show tickets are released this autumn: Our InPrint blog and webinars are going to keep you posted about the developments in the industry and an-up-to-date report on the future of industrial print is being worked on, in cooperation with I.T. Strategies.

Join us in looking forward to dynamic business for industrial print this autumn!

Frazer Chesterman
InPrint founder and co-organiser

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News for Visitors

Vote for the "Best Industrial Innovation of InPrint 2015" in the onsite Technology Contest!

The InPrint event “Great Innovations“ offers visitors innovative top technologies developed by the exhibiting companies. The best part is: visitors get to choose the winner themselves!

On Wednesday, 11 November from 3:30 pm, various exhibitors will present their submission for the “Best Industrial Innovation of InPrint 2015“ in five minutes each on the Conference Stage. A panel of experts and the audience will choose the winner from this field of technical innovations.

We invite all visitors to participate and join the audience in deciding on the final winner!

In the process of a pre-selection, the judges will be looking for originality, technical competence and real business value. On-site each pre-selected participant will then have five minutes to present their idea to the judges and to the audience. There will then be some time for the judges to ask questions and discuss, after which they decide on their two favourites. From these two finalists, the audience will finally select the "Best Industrial Innovation of InPrint 2015“.

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3 Days, 2 Stages, 60 Trend-setting Events – Full Conference Programme Now Online

Over the three show days, there will be more than 60 future-oriented sessions taking place alongside the exhibition as part of the InPrint conference.

Well-respected representatives from industry and science will share their know-how and discuss technologies, products, developments, trends, forecasts and demands for industrial print. Contributions include Heidelberg, HP, Canon, Tonejet, Voxeljet, Xaar, Imakr, Fraunhofer IFAM, the University of Sheffield and many more.

The full programme for the "Conference Stage" on Function & Future, Decorative, Packaging as well as for the second stage, the "InPrint Forum", on 3D printing and functional print is now available online.

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Show Preview to Be Released in September – Order Online Now!

The comprehensive, bilingual Show Preview (in English and German) will be released in September, featuring exhibitor profiles, specialised articles and further information about the show. You can already order your free printed issue or a PDF version via the "Visitor Information Request" form on the InPrint website (link inserted below).

The Show Preview displays the InPrint exhibitors and their products. Exhibitors are listed alphabetically with their stand number and profiles. Besides industry news, the exhibition profile and further information, the Show Preview also features the full InPrint conference programme.

Request your copy of the Show Preview and Visitor Brochure online.

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Exhibitor Profiles Now Online – Your Direct Link to the Company Portfolio

If you are looking for a quick way to find out more about a certain exhibitor, you can now find company profiles embedded in their entry within the online exhibitor list. This provides you with an effective tool to prepare your visit to the show.

By clicking on individual exhibitors, you will still see country of origin and stand number, but also a short description of the company and its business as well as the contact details and a link to their website.

Furthermore, you can filter by various categories, e.g. "Company Profile", "Technologies" or "Applications".

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News for Exhibitors

Apply now for the „Great Innovations Session“ – Your Chance to Win the InPrint 2015 Award!

Just as in Hannover last year, this year's InPrint will again highlight and recognise innovative technologies with the 2015 “Great Innovation Award”.

This competition will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, 11th November at 3.30 pm at the "Conference Stage". Participation in the contest is only open to exhibitors at InPrint.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join in and qualify with your innovations!

The best entries from exhibitors will be selected to share their own great innovation with the judges on-site. Each participant will have five minutes to present their idea to the judges and to the audience and is allowed to use visual aids to help pitch the innovation. There will then be some time for the judges to ask questions and discuss, after which they will narrow the field down to two and the audience will vote for their final winner.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us via We will review your entry and will get back to you on whether you have been selected to present on the day. We hope you will join us and many others at the event for an exciting and informative afternoon.

A final hint: Judges will be looking for originality, technical competence and real business value, looking at the innovative value of the product or technology plus its commercialisation. Whilst raw ideas are valued, the innovation that has been launched and is being used within industry will score higher.

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Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities – Increase awareness and visibility onsite!

InPrint exhibitors can now make use of selected sponsorship opportunities to promote their stand. Attractive placements to choose from include, for instance, aisle banners, walkway advertising on the way up from the tube to the entrance or the branding of the printed floorplan, that will guide visitors around the show, as well as the branding of the on-site conference programme, branding of networking areas or branding of a mobile phone charging station, which will be strategically positioned centrally within the hall.

If you are interested in sponsorship and would like to receive details and prices, please contact the show organisers:

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Invite Clients Directly to Your Stand at InPrint – Free Promotional Material Order Form Online Now!

You can still make use of free promotional material to highlight your participation at InPrint 2015 for existing and potential clients. Simply use the online order form that is available from "Exhibitor Services" on the InPrint website.

In the "Printed Materials and Vouchers" section, you can still order electronic ticket vouchers to invite guests directly to your stand.

Regarding your online communication, a range of tools are available for instant free download. Many of them can be customised with your company details to personalise your marketing. Simply enter your company name and stand number in the "Online Marketing Tools" section and download what best suits your campaign.

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News from the Industry

Heidelberg: Delta Enhances Production Capabilities with Speedmaster XL 145-6+L

Delta Print & Packaging in Belfast is set to enhance its production capabilities, as it takes delivery of a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 145-6+L. The significant investment in this six-colour press with coater, and a Heidelberg Suprasetter 145 Computer to Plate device which keeps the press fed, will ensure that Delta can continue to meet the growing demand which it is experiencing in printing Very Large Format.

Terry Cross, chairman of Delta Packaging, says: “Our business acquisition plans are on target and in order to continue to meet the demands that we are encountering, we opted to invest in some of the latest technology within larger format printing, to maximise economies of scale. We have customised the Speedmaster XL 145-6+L and incorporated Axis Control, to allow us to measure and log Pantone colours for repeat work.

“For any brand, colour plays a crucial role in brand identity. At Delta we recognise this and indeed it is our reputation for exacting production standards that has helped us to maintain our extensive and loyal customer base. Delta places a great deal of emphasis on the systems and processes that we use, to ensure that the quality of the packaging we produce exceeds customer expectations. Having the ability to accurately replicate colours is essential, for short term and well established production cycles,” says Mr Cross.

Investing in technology is something which requires a significant amount of research as Delta’s chairman explains: “Innovation drives our business. We have invested a significant amount of effort and resource into pioneering new technology, such as low migration barriers and coatings.

“The decision to install a six-colour and coat configuration press was not taken lightly. We did take into consideration operator familiarity, which will make the move to the new format easier for the operators. Also, the training Heidelberg provides is very good, as is the remote service capability.”

Delta Packaging’s Belfast plant recently completed a 55,000sq ft extension and it is this facility that will accommodate the new Speedmaster XL 145-6+L press. It will be co-located with one of the company’s two rotary flexo presses, as will new large format die-cutting and gluing capability.

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JetSet Introduces Direct-to-substrate Proofing & Prototyping System

After joining InPrint 2014 in cooperation with its OEM partners, JetSet is proud to announce that the company will show its technology platforms and integration capabilities under the JetSet brand at InPrint 2015. "As well as being a meeting place for the most qualified industrial buyers, manufacturing and R&D managers, InPrint has proven to be the ideal platform for developing industrial partnerships and cooperations. Therefore, we've decided to invest in the networking and content delivery capability of its organisers" - explains Sergio Ferrari, Managing Director at JetSet.

The ultimate direct-to-substrate proofing and prototyping system: JetSet has introduced P-Series, its first printing systems designed to meet the requirements of direct-to-substrate proofs and prototypes inside printing and packaging companies. P-Series can be easily integrated in any litho, flexo, screen and any other analog pre-press and printing department as the ultimate proofing equipment, or can be used as a versatile and profitable prototyping unit. P-Series can print vibrant images and sharp texts on virtually any substrate thanks to its vacuum table moved by linear motors and magnetic guides.

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MPS is to Integrate GEW’s New ArcLED Hybrid UV LED System into its Presses

MPS is the first narrow web press manufacturer to show the new GEW hybrid UV LED system, which will be integrated with the next-generation EF Neo flexo printing press.

ArcLED is a future-proof hybrid UV curing system that allows an investment in arc technology now that can be upgraded later with LEDs using the same lamphead casing, and the same power supply and control. GEW said the transition towards UV curing of inks and varnishes with LEDs has begun, although in many situations the move is technically and financially not fully understood to make an investment in a machine fully equipped with LEDs. The launch of ArcLED, this autumn, is intended to address this situation and meet the needs of printers by allowing arc curing technology to be upgraded at a later stage to LEDs.

With LED and arc UV curing in combination with low migration inks from Flint Group for label and film applications, the MPS press will run at high speed using less energy, for the same running capacity. Due to the high intensity of UVA illumination with LED, heavy ink layers are cured more consistently with improved adhesion.

MPS technical director Bert van den Brink said: "The main difference and biggest advantage of this showcased GEW ArcLED curing system, compared to other LED systems, is the ability to combine and interchange conventional arc lamps with LED curing at every print station. This hybrid system also provides MPS customers the flexibility to upgrade to LED at a later stage, so they can fully utilise the advantages of both technologies without the need to re-invest or modify their press."

Marcus Greenbrook, GEW international sales manager, added: "Our new UV LED curing system is compatible with the widest range of substrates, and it increases machine uptime because of less maintenance. It also reduces energy consumption, as with LED instant on-off switching means no energy is consumed when the printing machine is idle between jobs."

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Fraunhofer IFAM Develops Continuous 3D Printing for Mass Production

Three-dimensional printing of polymer, metal or ceramic components is an additive manufacturing technology and enables the manufacture of individual and complex products for a variety of applications. Up to now, this manufacturing process has been a batch process and has required costly maintenance. Sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM have developed a new production line which facilitates a continuous and automated operation for liquid synthetic materials. The first components for the consumer sector have already been manufactured.

Powder-based continuous procedures already exist. However, the manufacturing principle cannot be transferred to liquid materials as they are used in the stereolithography process. During conventional stereolithography, selected areas of each layer are cured by radiation of UV light. This process is repeated layer by layer until the corresponding number of layers for the construction of the components has been completed. The elements are subsequently removed from the installation space, which is then set up again. This is a complex procedure which currently stands as an obstacle to mass production and also demands highly qualified staff.

Continuous manufacture using the layer-by-layer principle: The newly developed process uses the technology of continuous photopolymerisation based on the digital light processing system for the layer-by-layer manufacture of components. The significant difference compared with the usual production systems for additive manufacturing is that this new approach uses a rotating cylinder as the substrate and the flat platform is simply omitted. The lower part of this cylinder is submerged in a liquid polymer in the process and is illuminated by multiple light sources at an exactly defined and increasing range. This is necessary in order that the polymer can selectively be cured on the surface of the cylinder in different areas at various stages. As the cylinder gradually rotates, a three-dimensional component is built-up layer by layer on the submerged part of the cylinder. The manufactured components on the top of the cylinder can automatically be detached from the surface. The substrate surface is then ready again and the process can fully proceed.

Continuous manufacture is a great advantage particularly in view of the use of resources, as complete components constantly leave the production line and therefore operations are stabilised and thus improved. Up to now, the production cycle times of the traditional additive manufacturing procedures have been incomparable with conventional production lines of mass production. The approach of the Fraunhofer IFAM researchers is directed towards cost-effective individual mass production and will significantly improve the economic efficiency of the additive manufacturing technique.

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Xaar: 25 Years at the Forefront of Global Inkjet Technology

Xaar began life in 1990 as four people in a small office on Cambridge Science Park. Their goal was to develop and commercialise the digital inkjet print technology arising out of work done by Cambridge Consultants. Today, the company employs over 600 people worldwide, based at three buildings on the Science Park, at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Huntingdon and Järfälla, Sweden, and in offices in Hong Kong, India and the US.

Over the last 25 years, Xaar has proved itself to be an inkjet innovator many times. The company's Xaar 128 printhead transformed the wide-format printing industry 20 years ago; even today Xaar technology still drives approximately 75% of the wide-format printers in use. In 2007, Xaar launched its Xaar 1001 that has since brought many benefits to the ceramic tile decoration industry around the world, including reduced costs and an expanded range of creative tile design effects. More recently, Xaar expanded its focus into other significant marketing sectors, including direct-to-shape packaging printing and the hi-tech world of Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing and nanoimprint lithography, a process used to manufacture silicon wafers.

To mark its 25th anniversary, Xaar is organising a programme of events during the summer and autumn. In line with the company's record of supporting local and national charities, it includes a number of company-wide charity challenges.

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