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News from the Organisers

The InPrint 2017 Conference Programme is offering insights into the latest from all areas of industrial print

One of the highlights of InPrint 2017 will be the Specialised Conference taking place alongside the show. The programme will feature presentations on functional, decorative and packaging printing. Leading experts will present the latest solutions, innovations and insights from all areas of industrial print.

The Specialised Conference covers a wide range of topics and industries to reflect the variety of application options for industrial printing processes. Here is an extract from the subjects and speakers:
Dr Marc Graindourze, Agfa Graphics: Development of Inkjet Inks for Industrial Print Applications
Steven Bagshaw, CPI: The Commercialisation of Smart Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd: Taking Inkjet Direct Product Decoration to the Next Dimension
Dr Hans-Peter Erfurt, Pröll KG: IMD/FIM-Technology and Dual-Cure Protective Lacquers for Automotive Interior Applications

Take a look at the current programme which is updated regularly ahead of the show:

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Latest InPrint Blog: At InPrint 2017 Industrial Print Moves to the Next Level

Whether focused on décor, packaging or functional printed electronics, industrial inkjet is moving onto another level. And since the launch of InPrint 2014, the hype has given way to a more pragmatic and practical understanding of the challenges, but also the opportunities it provides. If you add to this a tectonic shift in consumer behaviour, you have a formula really ripe for change.

Read the full blog entry here:

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News for Visitors

Secure your discounted tickets now!

Buy your tickets for InPrint 2017 in advance and save more than 25%. A day ticket purchased in pre-sale via the Online Ticket Shop costs €38 instead of €52 on-site at the exhibition, a three-day-ticket only €82 instead of €96 on-site. Tickets can also be purchased on-site during the exhibition.

If you have received any Entry Vouchers or E-Codes from exhibitors, please make sure to activate them in advance through the Online Ticket Shop.

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InPrint 2017 Innovation Awards: Visit the ceremony!

At this year's InPrint, the organisers are rewarding exhibitors with the Innovation Awards sponsored by Ricoh. The online vote which took place on the InPrint website is now closed. The entire industrial print community participated in the voting to determine the winners!

The winners will be presented with their Innovation Award in an official ceremony on the first show day, 14 November 2017, at 11:30 am. The ceremony will take place at the Conference Stage, Stand 268. Don't miss it!

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Plan your visit with the Online Show Planner

Prepare for your visit to InPrint 2017 with your personalised show plan which you can print out to take along to the show. The InPrint Online Visitor Show Planner quickly and easily allows you to create an overview of your areas of interest by ticking the relevant product categories. The website will then generate a planner, sorted by stand number or by exhibit category.

The InPrint Online Visitor Show Planner only lists companies who have booked this service. An up-to-date exhibitor list is available on the official show website.

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Welcome to Munich!

The InPrint 2017 show grounds are located in the East of Munich and can easily be reached by car or public transport.

The beautiful city centre has a unique atmosphere where a rich historical past and old Bavarian traditions meet with a metropolitan flair. The city offers a wealth of cultural, culinary and entertainment attractions. It is also home to the world’s largest beer festival, the Oktoberfest.

Read the Munich City guide below to learn more about the Bavarian state capital:

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Always up-to-date – with Social Media

Would you like to receive the latest news on InPrint 2017? Visit the InPrint Social Media channels and receive regular updates for visitors, exhibitors and the press. You can find InPrint on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Make sure you use our official hashtag for tweets: #InPrint2017

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News for Exhibitors

Many Media Partners support InPrint 2017

A large number of Media Partners will support InPrint 2017. These trade magazines support the exhibition through coverage in the print and online versions of their publications. The Media Partners will be present during the exhibition with a media shelf in the dedicated trade media area of the exhibition.

Along with that, numerous journalists will visit InPrint 2017 and attend the exhibition in the dedicated press centre, where work areas, comprehensive information in several languages and photo material will be provided. Exhibitors will be able to display press information about their exhibits in the press centre free of charge. Please find more information about the provided press services in the Exhibitor Zone.

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Register your Exhibitor Badges now

If you have not registered your stand personnel yet, please do so as soon as possible via the InPrint Exhibitor Zone. Here, you can register, personalise and print out your exhibitor badges. Please don’t forget to bring your exhibitor badges to the show to save time when entering the show!

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News from the Industry

Hönle: High-end LED-UV, UV and IR Systems for Drying and Finishing Processes

At InPrint 2017, drying specialist Hönle will show their latest
developments in UV / UV-LED and IR technology. Their lamp units are applied in a multitude of industrial printing applications.

The curing and drying units of the product series jetCURE were
specially developed for the demands of inkjet printing processes. In addition to the successful IR and UV versions, Hönle will show their further development of the jetCURE LED.

This solely air-cooled UV-LED high-performance curing unit with integrated electronics offers intensities up to 16W/cm² which lead to an effective cure even at high web speeds. The jetCURE LED is available in the wavelengths 365,385,395 and 405nm. The jetCURE LED wins over by energy efficiency, user-friendliness and compact design. Radiation width and wavelength can be tailored to each application individually. This LED-UV unit is perfectly apt for retrofitting on existing machines.

Another further development is the new LED Powerline AC/IC. This air-cooled UV-LED high-performance unit with intensities up to 8W/cm² stands out by its compact design and low weight. Its newly developed intelligent controller is integrated into the LED device.

Hönle offers the LED Powerline AC / IC in two versions which differ in intensity output and size of the radiation aperture (78mm x 10mm / 82mm x 20mm). For larger radiation widths several LED head can be connected without gaps.

In case a plug & play solution is preferred the LED Powerline AC/IC can be combined with the new LED powerdrive IC. This lately developed control unit has got a large, clear and well-organized display screen for setting all important operating parameters and for monitoring.

All versions of the LED Powerline AC/IC are available in the wavelengths 365/385/395/405nm for a perfect adjustment to the printing ink or coating.

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Xaar's: Unique High Laydown Technology Brings Extra Value to Labels

Xaar announces its unique new High Laydown Technology, now available for printing a range of textured effects on labels, folding cartons and products. Such high-build, textured effects (also called tactile or dimensional effects) can be used to significantly enhance the shelf appeal of products and ensure that they stand out when on display.

In addition, further highlighting the company’s continuing innovation, Xaar announces the extension of its Xaar 2001+ high-performance printhead family to include UV applications such as printing labels and cartons.

The latest technology from Xaar, High Laydown (HL), is a unique technology that adds to Xaar’s valuable range of deposition technologies and enhances Xaar’s growing Intellectual Property portfolio. When incorporated into the Xaar 1003 and Xaar 2001+ printheads, it can be used to print very high levels of UV clear varnish, even at high speed. The Xaar 1003 GS12U can print an 80 micron layer thickness at 25 m/min line speed, or a 50 micron layer at 50 m/min, in a single pass, thereby building in texture as part of the print process.

Texture provides a raised effect which transforms standard labels and folding cartons into high-value packaging for products that can command a premium. A recent InfoTrends study (CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing) found that print buyers are willing to pay up to 89% more for textured effects compared to standard CMYK-only work.

As well as adding texture as part of the print process, Xaar’s HL Technology can be used for producing raised foil effects for extra impact. Tactile information effects such as warning triangles required on hazardous products and Braille can also be created without the need for an additional print stage or process.

Overall, digital technology provides a compelling alternative to rotary screen techniques commonly used for printing textured labels. Digital print avoids the need for custom rotary screens, which can be time-consuming and costly to produce, as well as often needing to be outsourced to specialist suppliers.

Removing this requirement means that adding texture is now within reach for short and medium label runs using Xaar’s HL Technology; previously rotary screen techniques may have been too expensive to offer this feature.

Similarly, while other digital alternatives typically require multiple print bars to build up sufficient layer thickness, or machines to run at low speeds, the textured effects can be created easily with a single print bar running at a reasonable production speed with Xaar’s HL Technology.

Separately, the Xaar 2001+ family, announced in 2016 for ceramics applications, has been extended for UV print applications. This high-performance printhead optimises production output with exceptional print quality at high line speed.

A digital press enabled with the Xaar 2001+ UV printheads now makes possible printing at 720 dpi resolution for sharp edges and clean, crisp text. With the Xaar 2001+ GS6U, it is possible to print 720 x 720 dpi at up to 60m/min line speed (6 pL binary), or 720 x 720 dpi at up to 25m/min line speed (4 grey levels 6, 12, 18 pL).

The Xaar 2001+ incorporates multiple technologies unique to Xaar to ensure continuous and reliable printing in single-pass operation, maximising production output, minimising production interruptions and reducing the need for operator intervention. This development, combined with Xaar’s HL Technology, means that the Xaar 2001+ GS12U can achieve unprecedented laydown levels for tactile effects.

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A House for Everyone - Memcon

Building upon a wealth of experience in the market, Memcon’s new range of plastic housings have been designed specifically for use on membrane switches, flexible circuits, jumper cable, sensors, textile ribbons and all elements of flexible circuitry and are ideally suited for converting flat circuits/membranes to discreet cable.

With a whole six new product ranges, the MHF Standard, the MHDF, MHE, MHLA and MHP Series plus the MHL Housing, each has its own specific technical specification while all are available as a standard 2.54mm pitch system, are UL94 V-O classified, RoHS compliant and are produced in thermoplastic with glass fibre.

The MHF Standard Series (available in 2-32 ways) mates with industry standard 0.635mm pin headers, suitable for use with female contacts, is stackable end to end and is available with both polarised and latching options, while the MHDF Housing Series (4-50 ways) meets all the aforementioned criteria but is designed to mate with industry standard double row 0.635mm pin headers.

The Polarised & Locking MHL Series and MHLA Series (both 2-25 ways) mate with industry standard 0.635mm walled pin headers and have non-polarised and non-latching variations available. The MHP Polarised Housing Series (also 2-25 ways) provides polarisation but also has non-polarised and latching options, while the MHE Polarised and Locking Series mate with standard HE13/HE14 pin headers but likewise offer non-polarised and latching variations.

Finally, compatible for use with all the housings, Memcon supplies a series of six tin and selective gold crimp contacts. Three of the range are female – available in high flex, high force and low force options – while the remaining three are solder contacts suitable for soldering directly onto the PCB.

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